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Customer Service

First contact impressions make a business stand out from the competition.  At ComputerTriage, we strive to maintain quality services that meet and often exceed customer satisfaction expectations from the smallest to the largest of projects.


Technology is vast and all-encompassing from software to hardware, simple to complex.  This is why identifying customer needs are met first and then building a comprehensive strategy approach that is robust, manageable, and flexible.


Providing top-tier technical support from a single person to small, medium, and large organizations builds trust over time.  Troubleshooting consists of tools that provide decision-tree, mind-mapping, experience and skills that defines support.

About Us


It is our goal to make each one of us capable of experiencing the growth through mutually beneficial strategies.


Our vision is to offer and or provide the services, support, and the latest technologies now and in the future without sacrifice.  Your success is our success and through collaboration and trust, it is a win-win for all of us.

Have a Project in Mind?

No project is too small or too large. It is how you approach projects and is based on size. By simply breaking down large projects into smaller more manageable projects, we are able to provide the services and support you expect and deserve.

Focus on the Big Picture

Whether you or your business focuses on sales, efficiency, customer service, labor, or something else, one thing that deserves attention is the bottom line.