Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


What is Computer Triage?

Computer Triage (definition meaning) – is the process of diagnosing a computer hardware or software problem within a system of components and once the fault is found, it is then determined which course of action is required based on the severity and importance. Mission critical systems can be deemed an emergency if lives are at risk and are considered the highest level of urgency and the need to act immediately is at the highest level of triage. Other non-life threatening triage situations are deemed important, for example a utilities infrastructure or a business revenue generation process or asset in which a loss of money can result.

What is a travel charge?

A travel charge is assessed when either on-site or off-site service types are requested. It covers the costs of travel time, gas, car maintenance, parking, tolls, etc. We charge this separately, instead of adding it to our hourly labor rates, because the costs vary greatly, and allows us to not charge more when remote services are provided which don't incur a travel charge.

Why are our services so affordable?

We are a mobile computer repair and technology service industry provider without an actual store you can visit. This keeps expenses or the cost of running a business extremely low, which allows us to provide customers expert quality services for less!